Mr. Vikas Jolly

Mr. Viikass Jolly is a motivational speaker, spiritual healer, spiritual guide and life coach. He has counseled more than 100000 students and provided consultation to numerous corporate houses in a span of over 20 years. Several CEO’s, management personnel, people from diverse walks of life have taken his consultation and coaching services for attaining their desired targets. He travels extensively across the world to deliver talks on harnessing the power of mind and resolve inner conflicts that hinder us from manifesting desired life. His forte is designing a complete program suited for individuals as well as groups which includes mind programming and related techniques.

His vision is for every person to have a positive self-belief and do a greater good to the community. He helps people unlock and sustain their creative potential and help them be more confident in manifesting their positive ideas. He also hosts an educational radio show on the verses of Gurbani.

Mr. Viikass Jolly awarded as a “Dynamic Leader of the year” from Global Triumph Foundation (Bangkok)

Mr. Viikass Jolly from a very early age was deeply interested in understanding consciousness and powers of human mind. He explored these subjects with several masters and experts. Subsequently he developed his own approach and understanding by years of practice. After graduation he did post graduate degree in religious studies and subsequently devoted his life to the mission of creating awareness on this subject for creating a better human society.