Mr. Chetan Sharma

Mr. Chetan Sharma, Director and founder of Alliance Ecommerce company who followed his dreams  and made them come true. He is expert in different language like PHP, Python, NodeJS, JavaScript etc.
They provide services to E-commerce business in the world and also provides solution to improve the technical journey of online marketing.

He started his journey as a teacher in a institute of programming. Then, he worked in IT company for almost 5 years. With his sharp skills, he started freelancing and founded a company in a everyone and he is well known among the people for his logical ideas in coding.
He is calm, down to earth and an amazing programmer! Whether it’s a professional skill or a personal trait, his positive vision towards life is commendable! He is a very dedicated person to his job and responsibilities. His knowledge, integrity, accountability, empathy, and superb problem-solving skills are appreciable! He is a good speaker and an ultimate listener as he believes the only way to get people to follow you is to make them feel heard and this makes him unique!

His motto in life to “think different” and have very unique approach to all of his work. He always respects his members whether member is fresher or experienced